1. The Human Butterfly

    2023-10-11 14:52:00 UTC
    I consider myself fortunate to be a teacher assistant to Randolphlee McIver, one of the best, if not the best, figurative artists today. His knowledge and expertise in anatomy is nothing short of spectacular. Based on Randy’s notes and sketches, I composed my own replica of the pelvis, all based…

  2. ARC Salon

    2023-09-30 01:31:12 UTC
    Honored to be a finalist in the Art Renewal Salon still-life category, Check out the painting in detail here:

  3. Frame

    2023-07-19 12:58:00 UTC
    I’m always on the lookout for new frames, frame sales, and even antique frames at thrift stores. However, I soon realized that most of the frames I found weren’t what I was really looking for. They lacked the intricate details and carvings that I desired. As someone who enjoys watching…

  4. Learning from Still-Life

    2023-05-03 14:43:00 UTC
    It is widely recognized that creating a good painting requires practice and a deep understanding of the three-dimensional world around us. Artists sometimes struggle with translating what they see in front of them into a two-dimensional form, as it is not a simple task First, an artist must possess strong…

  5. Hand-to Eye coordination

    2022-10-30 19:58:45 UTC
    After graduating from the New York Academy of Art, I found myself really missing drawing and painting from the live model. The hand-to-eye coordination is an essential skill that must be kept up with as an artist, especially with complex subjects like the human figure. After doing some research to…

  6. Virtual Lectures and Exhibitions

    2022-10-26 16:00:02 UTC
    As a fan of the master painter  John Singer Sargent , I’ll be looking forward to seeing the exhibition at the National Gallery of Art this November with my good friend Eric Alexander Santoli. The show has about 120 of Sargent oils, watercolors, and drawings, many of which are rarely…

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