Asem M. Ahmed (born 1991, Marrakesh, Morocco) makes paintings and sculpture artworks.

Excess. The Isolated Connected Age. Revolution.

 These are all themes that I explore in my art.

 For me, the main purpose of art is to capture the viewer’s attention and raise awareness about something going on in the world.If art can make one person stop and think differently than before, it’s done its job.

I draw from many very distinct cultures, including the Millennial culture, my adopted American culture and my Arab culture as a Moroccan-Egyptian. I’m interested in themes such as isolation,hyper-consumerism and revolution.



MFA - New York Academy of Art


BFA  - New Jersey City University


The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts


RISD summer program

Teaching Philosophy


Teaching Philosophy Statement:

"As a teacher of art students, I believe one of the most imperative qualities is to always be supportive and encouraging of all students. Each student comes from a different background and has a variety of goals, interests, learning abilities, vulnerabilities, etc. To me, the most effective form of teaching involves an individualized approach that highlights the principles of art, such as value, composition,color, balance and proportions. It’s also important to have an understanding of what came before us in art history as contemporary artists. As a teacher, I thrive on seeing my students succeed. In order to help my students be successful, I need to learn the goals of each student and continue to motivate by consistently growing as an artist myself. Ensuring my students understand each concept in conjunction with being available and patient with my students goes a long way. It is a great honor to be able to share my knowledge and ideas with students daily."